Enstrom Moments

Enstrom Candy Co
Forever the Moment

Our customers, friends and families have been telling us their Enstrom Candies moments since the beginning. We are so very grateful for our loyal customers and their wonderful memories that accompany our candy. These traditions mean more to us than you can imagine. In honor of those traditions, we are delighted to share a few of our favorite stories with you:

When I helped my 88 year old mother move into a Continuing Care Community, we were told that while it was against community policy to tip the staff, it was okay to give small gifts of food. I knew immediately what she needed! I ordered your individually wrapped mini toffee bars. She was the hit of the place! She has lived in this community for six years now and is never without her supply. The only down side is when a new shipment arrives, she gets stopped in the hall on the way back to her apartment by staff and residents alike who are all hoping she'll share (which she does!)

Laura Woolbright Mashburn

I was raised in Grand Junction, so very familiar with Enstrom candy. However, I live in Mississippi now. When my mother was alive, she would come to MS to visit and maybe stay a month or two. Our whole family loves Enstrom candy. While mother was visiting, she ordered a small box of toffee. We enjoyed it so much. When mother flew back home, I went into the bedroom where she had been sleeping and decided to wash the sheets. I had to pull the bed out away from the wall just a bit, and lo and behold, there was another small box of half eaten toffee. What a surprise and what a laugh I got out of that. I never told her I found her cache.

Pat Hubbard

The first time I bought a box the family finished it in one day. So I bought a second box only to have everyone monitoring who was eating more than their share. After that the tradition began and continues 26 years later with everyone receiving their own box with their name in Sharpie ink on the box.

Ramona Corvin-Brown

Candy Canes

As little girls, my sister and I were invited by Mr. and Mrs. Enstrom (friends of our parents) to take our Tupperware box to Enstrom's after they closed once a week and fill our box with the yummy broken pieces of toffee scraps. We got to add them to our nightly bowl of ice cream for dessert. What a treat!!! I'll never forget taking that box home with such a yummy treasure. I am now 64 years old and continue to love the toffee and the Enstrom's family story of success. Thank you after all of these years!

Kate Marie Chimenti

A few years ago I lived and worked in Nevada. On the occasion we received Enstrom Toffee as a gift in our office. We had to 'draw straws', so to speak, for the last piece. Loved it then, love it now.

Annie Scofield

We bet that we are the only people who evacuated because of Irma and celebrated at Enstrom. We evacuated to the center of heaven - buttery - toffee heaven.

Norman & Joss Bierman