Volume Info

Enstrom's offers two different discount programs for larger volume customers. Please call Customer Service if you wish to participate in the Toffee by the Case program.

Toffee by the Case

A 20% discount off the purchase price of Almond Toffee orders will apply to case lots sold in the following quantities:

½ lb. Traditional Toffee • 36 per case
1 lb. Traditional Toffee • 24 per case
2 lbs. Traditional Toffee • 12 per case
4 lbs. Traditional Toffee • 6 per case
6oz Toffee Petites • 36 per case
15oz Toffee Petites • 24 per case
30oz Toffee Petites • 12 per case
60oz Toffee Petites • 6 per case

-$2,500 minimum order (before discount)
-Shipment to one location
-Payment to be received with order
-All sales are final
-Subject to quantities available

Enstrom's will pay standard shipment freight charges for Toffee by the Case orders. Buyers will be responsible for expedited shipping charges.


Quantity Discount Program

For customers that utilize our full-service shipping to individual recipients, discounts will apply to the following total volumes of candy purchased:

$1,500 - $5,000 • 5% discount
$5,001 - $9,999 • 10% discount
$10,000+ • 15% discount

These discounts apply only to the price of the products in this catalog, excluding shipping costs, and are determined on a per-order basis.

Free shipping does not apply to the Quantity Discount Program.